The Mosses and Liverworts of Carmarthenshire - JUST ONE COPY LEFT...

by Sam Bosanquet, Jonathan Graham & Graham Motley

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The Mosses and Liverworts of Carmarthenshire - a bryophyte county flora

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"The publication of a new vice-county bryophyte flora is a notable event, not only because it happens rather infrequently but also because it marks the distillation of an immense body of knowledge...

I have no doubt that a further impetus to complete this immense task [producing this book] came from a love of this underrated county. As [the authors] have now demonstrated, it supports half the entire British bryophlora in an area of wonderful quiet and largely unspoilt countryside that links the southern slopes of the Cambrian Mountains and the western end of tthe Brecon Beacons to Carmarthen Bay. This diverse topography encompasses sub-montane cliff and heath, Atlantic oakwoods, wooded river valleys, warm Mediterranean-like sea cliffs and some of the finest sand dunes in Europe.

The extensive and well-written introductory sections provide detail of all these habitats and more....

These young authors are to be congratulated in producing such a comprehensive and well-researched flora that is of interest and value well beyond the vice-county's boundaries".

Extracts from the Foreward by Ray Woods, Science Advisor to the Countryside Council for Wales (now Natural Resources Wales).

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What's special about this book?

This comprehensive bryophyte county flora contains detailed accounts for over 600 species, sub-species and varieties of bryophytes (hornworts, liverworts and mosses) recorded in te vice-county of Carmarthenshire (VC-44). Included in the book are tetrad distribution maps based on the author'' personal visits to every one of Carmarthenshire's tetrads; plots of altitudinal range and sporophyte timing; and ecology of species, each of which is covered in depth.

There is also a substantial (100 page) introduction to the history of bryophyte recording in Carmarthenshire, comparison with neighbouring counties as well as more distant but ecologically similar counties, the biogeography of the county's species and their habitats, an account of declining and increasing species, and much more.

This book will be of particular interest to bryologists, local naturalists and other involved in biodiversity reporting at a local and national level. It is also a very useful reference for anyone undertaking bryological surveys or environmental assessments in Wales as well as those with a more general interest in mosses, hornworts and liverworts.

245 pages softback; 33 colour plates of species and habitats, plus hundreds of maps and diagrams; published in 2005.

ISBN: 978-0-9552022-1-6

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About the Authors

Sam Bosanquet is a botanist specialising in bryophytes; he works for Natural Resources Wales. As well as publishing many scientific papers on bryophytes and related topics, Sam Bosanquet also co-authored The Mosses and Liverworts of Carmarthenshire, a bryophyte county flora that was published in 2005. His co-authors are experienced bryologists (Graham Motley is the County Recorder for Carmarthenshire) with intimate knowledge of the species and habitats of Carmarthenshire.

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