Matching the Hatch - NEW Pocket Edition, fully revised and updated 2017
(More than 25,000 copies of the renowned first edition sold)

by Pat O'Reilly

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Matching the Hatch, Pocket Edtion 2017, by Pat O'Reilly

"The essential companion of all flyfishers who want to improve their knowledge, catch results and enjoyment of river, stream or stillwater trout fishing"

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Fully revised and updated to cover the latest amendments to the taxonomy (scientific naming system) of aquatic insects. Large pictures of the most important insects and other creatures on which trout feed; clear, concise details of hatching times, locations and habitat requirements plus large pictures and tying details for matching imitations tied by the world's best flydressers including Charles Jardine, John Beer, Mike Weaver, Neil Patterson, Bernard Venables, Donald Downs and Brian Clarke. (224 pages all in full colour; handy pocket-sized paperback format)

ISBN: 978-1853108228


"The title says it all really! This book is all about finding out about what trout are eating and what fly you can use to ‘match the hatch’ and increase your chances of success in catching one or two wherever you happen to be. You don’t need to be an expert to use this book as it is handily laid out to give those of us still learning the basics a head-start on fly choice in section 1, but you may well end up being one once you get stuck into all the glorious photography of the wild insects and the artificial fly patterns in the following sections. I couldn’t help myself but flick backwards and forwards through the book, wondering to myself if I had seen that beetle before or that particular colour sedge? The fly patterns have been provided by a long list of well-known names in the fly fishing and fly tying world, testament to author Pat O’Reilly’s 40 years in the fly fishing business and many contacts made over the years. There are also useful tips for how best to fish the flies too – worth noting!
Extract from 5-star review of the new Pocket Edition, Fish and Fly, February 2017 - read full review online...

"When it comes to choosing a book to learn about the bugs we see on the river, their environment and flies we can tie to replicate them there is no finer book than Pat O’Reilly’s Matching the Hatch... There are few books I can think of that are “must-haves” but this is certainly one of them."

Extract from review on Eat Sleep Fish - read full review online...

Below is a brief selection from the many reviews of the First Edition of Matching the Hatch:

..best of the bunch...
Brian Clarke, The Times

"Excellent... the superb photographs and explanatory text make this book one of the best of its kind - essential for any beginner and of great interest to every fly-fisher."
Trout and Salmon

"...clear, superb macro photographs make this an essential companion of all flyfishers who want to improve their knowledge, catch results and enjoyment of river or stillwater trout fishing...

As someone who is just starting along the road of imitative fly fishing and tying I have found this book an invaluable addition to my library. It is a superb guide to what trout may be feeding on throughout the year and most importantly it is written for the UK. It is not what I originally expected in that it is not a fly-tying book. It is, however, superb! The book is made clear and is divided into the different seasons so you know what to look out for at different times of the year. For the fly-tiers among us, brief descriptions and photos are included of flies to use to imitate each beastie. My own project over the next few weeks is to tie the Magnificent Seven and the Deadly Dozen from this book. Buy it, read it, and most importantly enjoy it."
From one of the many 5-star reviews on Amazon

"If you struggle to identify flies and are not sure how to choose an imitation then this is definitely the book for you. Illustrated with a whole series of quality photographs, Matching the Hatch has been cleverly thought out. ...we like this book so much that we use it on a daily basis to assist tutoring our guests!"
Nick Hart & Henry Gilby, flyfishing instructors and broadcasters

There are many more reviews like these, both in the angling press and online.

About the Author

Pat O'ReillyPat O'Reilly MBE has been fishing for more than 50 years, mainly for trout and sea trout on rivers and streams. As an APGAI qualified flyfishing instructor he ran flyfishing courses in Wales and overseas for nearly thirty years. For 12 years he chaired the Environment Agency's Fisheries, Ecology and Recreation Advisory Committee in Wales, and until March 2013 he was a council member and Deputy Chairman of the Countryside Council for Wales (now Natural Resources Wales). Pat has also served on Government's Fisheries Legislation Review Group and is a frequent contributor to Trout and Salmon, Gamefisher, Welsh Country, Flyfishing nd Fly Tying and several other game fishing and countryside magazines.

Pat's other books include Tactical Flyfishing (1990); An Introduction to Fly Tying; River Trout Fishing; Fly Tying; Fishing Wales (Ed); The Trout and Salmon Guide to fishing the Rivers of Wales; A Flyfisher's Guide to the Teifi Valley, and many more.

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