Flyfishing for Trout and Grayling

by Pat O'Reilly and Sue Parker

S&TA Guide to Flyfishing for Trout and Grayling

"Clear, concise, beautifully-illustrated guide written for the Salmon & Trout Association
by two of the most respected, professional flyfishing instructors"


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This 32-page guide, illustrated in full colour throughout, has been produced for the Salmon & Trout Association. It provides all the essential information necessary for safe and successful flyfishing for trout and grayling. on rivers, streams and lakes.

Contents include sections on...

  • Safety - The Highest Priority

  • Tackle and Flies

  • Casting

  • Basic Angling Entomology

  • Common Imitations of Essential Insects

  • Lifecycles and Origins of Game Fish

  • Two Simple but Very Effective Fishing Knots

  • Flyfishing Tactics for Trout and Grayling

  • Byelaws, Licences and Permits

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