Ophrys apulica - Ophrys fuciflora subsp. apulica

Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Liliopsida - Order: Orchidales - Family: Orchidaceae

Ophrys fuciflora subsp. apulica


Ophrys apulica is very similar to Ophrys fuciflora (Late Spider-orchid), but the two distinct differences are that the petals are longer, and the lip is 'waisted' and appears to be constricted midway down. The lip is also much more deeply notched at the bottom than that of Ophrys fuciflora, and somewhat paler in colour.

Group of Ophrys fuciflora subsp. apulica


This orchid is reported only from Italy'. We found it on Monte Gargano, and there are other unconfirmed reports from Tuscany and Umbria.


This orchid grows in the same kinds of places as Ophrys fuciflora - open limestone grassland - and flowers at the same time.

Flowering times

Ophrys apulica flowers at the same time as Ophrys fucflora which is from mid April to mid May

The specimen shown here was photographed close to Monte Sant'Angelo in the Gargano Peninsula in Italy in mid April in very close proximity to many Ophrys fuciflora plants.


The genus name Ophrys comes from Greek and means 'eyebrow' - a reference to the hairy fringe of the lip of the flower of many orchids in this genus. The specific epithet apulica means 'from Puglia'.

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