Max Britzelmayr (1839 - 1909) - a brief biography

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German mycologist and lichenologist Max Britzelmayr (7 Jan, 1839 - 6 Dec 1909) was born in the city of Augsburg, in Bavaria. He worked for 40 years, first as a schoolteacher (as did his father before him) and later in school district administration in Augsburg, where he died in 1909. He is best known for his research into the Hymenomycetes class of fungi and for his detailed study of the lichens of southern Bavaria.

The standard author abbreviation Britzelm. is used to indicate Max Britzelmayr as the author when citing a botanical/mycological name.

Published Works

Britzelmayr produced some 30 publications on mycological and lichenological topics. Among his most important works are:

Dermini und Melanospori aus Südbayern, (Dermini and Melanspora of southern Bavaria); (1883)

Hymenomyceten aus Südbayern, (Hymenomycetes of southern Bavaria); (1894)

Zur Hymenomyceten-Kunde, (Study of Hymenomycetes); (1895)

Materialien zur Beschreibung der Hymenomyceten, (Materials for the description of Hymenomycetes); (1897)

Selected Sources:

Lichenology in Germany: past, present and future, Ingvar Kärnefelt, Peter Scholz, Mark R. D. Seaward & Arne Thell in Schlechtendalia 23, Feb 2012; (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)

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