Ceiba chodatii and Ceiba speciosa - Floss Silk Trees

Cream silk floss flowers

The creamy white flowers of Ceiba chodatii

Pink silk floss flowers

The lovely red flowers of Ceiba speciosa

Ceiba speciosa and Ceiba chodatii, commonly referred to as the Silk Floss Trees, are flowering trees of the Malvacea family. Theyare native to the subtropical forests of South America. Both the pink- and creamy-yellow-flowering trees are also known as the 'drunken tree'.

Silk floss trees Ceiba chodatii and Ceiba speciosa growing together in Buenos Aires

Here the red and cream trees can be seen blooming together

The common English name of Silk Floss Tree is more readily understood as the seeds are surrounded by a white, fluffy silk-like material. Both trees are drought tolerant and will grow quickly when water is abundant. They can also tolerate moderately cold temperatures and are frequently planted in parks and along roadsides.

Thorny bark

The trunks and branches of these attractive trees have very large, sharp thorns.

These pictures were taken in Buenos Aires in March.

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