Coleoptera - the Beetles

There are many thousands of beetle species in Europe. Several of these are of interest to flyfishers either because they are aquatic at some stages in their life cycle or because they get blown onto streams and lakes.

Soldier Beetle
Cantharis livida, soldier beetle
Sailor Beetle
Cantharis rustica, sailor beetle
Seven-spot Ladybird
Seven-spot Ladybird, Coccinella septempunctata
Sulphur Beetle
Cteniopus sulphureus, sulphur beetle
Great Diving Beetle
Dytiscus marginalis, Great Diving Beetle
Lampyris noctiluca, Glow-worm
Stag Beetle
Lucanus cervus, Stag Beetle


Details of many other waterside and aquatic beetles can be found in Pat O'Reilly's 245-page full-colour book Matching the Hatch.


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