Great Flyfishing Rivers and Lakes, and how to fish them

River Slaney
Spring fishing on Ireland's River Slaney

As well as fishing locally in Wales, we are fortunate in having been able to visit many great rivers and lakes not only in Britain and Ireland but also in many countries on mainland Europe, in the USA, Iceland, Russia and Argentina. Our list of rivers fished to date runs to more than 100 (and we have fallen in to many of them, so our knowledge of them is quite intimate!). However, while we have invariably enjoyed our fishing we have not always thought that it was an experience we should put on our 'highly recommended' list.

This section is about the rivers and lakes that we can recommend wholeheartedly, and in sharing the list we thought it only fair to share also some of the experiences and findings in terms of what works well there. Use to 'Country' tabs at the top of the page to see details of our top venues around the world.

If you go to any of the venues featured in our online flyfishing school and take pictures that you would like to share with others, please contact us and we will consider adding them (with an acknowledgement of your contribution, of course) to the relevant page(s).

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