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Site location, habitat and species pages for some of the world's finest sites for wildlife, wildflowers and fungi, with maps, directions, walks and species lists.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

King's Crown, Rhodiola rosea, close to the Alpine Ridge of Rocky Mountain National Park

Regular visitors to the First Nature website will know that wildlife of all kinds and the natural world are our passion. We hope and believe that the website reflects that passion and enthusiasm, and also another passion - that of helping others who, like us, are not professional botanists, mycologists, ecologists or '-ists' of any kind to find out more and to enjoy the natural wonders of our planet as much as we do.

Today (2013) the First Nature website has close on 2,000 pages of information about wildlife and wild places and recieves approximately 3/4 million visits per year. There is not a 'team' of us involved in collecting the data, taking the photographs, writing and loading the pages onto the web - it is just us, my husband Pat and me, Sue. Trying to keep track of everything (particularly photographs) is hard work, but we enjoy (nearly) every second of it.

We have been incredibly fortunate to be able to travel to some amazing places to see wildlife. This section reflects some of those journeys and the things that we found along the way. We hope you get as much pleasure out of seeing and reading about them as we did in visiting them.

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