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Natterer's Bat

Great nature reserves in Wales for bat enthusiasts

In Wales we are fortunate in still having a lot of the kind of unspoiled countryside that is particularly favoured by bats. Traditionally bats roost in woodlands and in caves, and both of these types of habitats are well represented all over Wales, from the Meirionydd Oak Woodlands of North Wales to Stackpole National Nature Reserve in the southwest. (Natterer's Bat is pictured here.)

In the absence of their preferred natural habitats many bats roost in old and abandoned buildings; our industrial heritage in Wales ensures that we have plenty of those on offer, too. Species that are particularly fond of roosting in buildings are Pipistrelle Bats and Brown Long-eared Bats.

Nearly all of the 16 bat species found in the UK occur in Wales, although some of them are uncommon. Several of our nature reserves are specially designated because of their importance for bats.

Among the very best nature reserves in Wales for bats are:

Meirionydd Oak Woodlands National Nature Reserves
Minera Quarry
Stackpole National Nature Reserve
Pengelli Forest National Nature Reserve
Craig y Cilau National Nature Reserve
Gregynog National Nature Reserve

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