Populus nigra - Black Poplar

Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Magnoliopsida - Order: Malpighiales - Family: Salicaceae

Black Poplar

Black Poplars are native to Britain. Growing to a height of 30 metres, these stately trees can live for two centuries or more. It is from the dark brown bark that Black Poplars get their common name; the leaves are shiny and green (not black!) and initially covered in fine hairs, and they are triangular to heart shaped with long tips.

In common with many other deciduous trees, this species is dioecious - male and female flowers occur on separate trees. Black Poplars have catkins that are wind pollinated.

Young leaves of a Black Poplar

Above: the unlobed leaves of Black Poplar Populus nigra.

Immature seeds of Black Poplar, seen against the bark of the trunk

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