Salix fragilis - Crack Willow

Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Magnoliopsida - Order: Malpighales - Family: Salicaceae

Chack willow in winter

Crack Willow is one of several types of willow trees found in Britain and Europe. They are most common in the south and east, particularly beside rivers, streams and lakes. Other kinds of willows are more abundant in upland boggy areas. Most of the willow species are shrubs, but some can grow into quite large trees.

The catkins are long and much slimmer than those of the 'Pussy' willow or Goat Willow. The leaves of the Crack Willow are long and very like those of the white willow, but they are a darker green and usually develop a noticeable twist.

Leaves of Crack Willow in summer

Crack willows are often pollarded, and their trunks sometimes become hollow as they grow old.

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