Frazzle, a novel

by Pat O'Reilly

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"One of the most hillariously funny books I have ever read... Brilliant!"

Rupert Dunwoodie wants nothing more in the Whole Wide World than literary success, which he sees as a vital stepping stone to his ultimate goal of becoming Editor of The Times Literary Supplement – something he wants even more, thus proving that this paragraph really needed more careful editing...

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Rupert is a dreamer who lives in a Real World of his own. It’s a world where things happen the way he says (but thanks to his batty friend Frazzle rarely quite the way he expects). Life there is unimaginably strange, unless you are Rupert Dunwoodie struggling to cope with the convergence of two parallel universes.

Goodgrist and Tutmill are publishers of Trivia Obscurata, a market niche so narrow and so shallow that hardly anyone in the industry knows it exists. Unfortunately that includes customers. Nevertheless, Rupert feels that getting a job in Gee and Tee, albeit at the bottom of the ladder, is the best thing that ever happened to him. That may be because Sandra is at the top of the ladder and part of his job it to hold the ladder steady while she transfers manuscripts from the slush pile to the Archives of No Return. Rupert is in two minds about the rest of his job, which he might have found unbearably dull and repetitive were he not also in two places at the same time.

Where Rupert’s mind wanders is largely up (or down) to Frazzle, as the last thing in the Whole Wide World that Rupert Dunwoodie wants to do is to get on the wrong side of his batty best friend.

The route to Rupert’s career success is not without barriers. He can write, but he cannot read. Barriers, in Rupert’s book, are for overcoming, or undermining, or creeping around when nobody is looking. Rupert’s girlfriend Sandra can do any essential reading for him, he considers, if only he can get her to consider being his girlfriend. 

But then there’s Frazzle to consider… 

Review Extracts

"If you like the lyrical and somewhat eccentric writing style of authors such as Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear and Terry Pratchett, you will love Frazzle."

"The author introduces us to Rupert Dunwoodie, an aspiring author, and takes us on his journey through a strange world of book publishing. The main story is intertwined with a parallel sea tale involving seahorses, pirates and dragons as Rupert’s imagination turns events in his life into an epic fantasy adventure. Frazzle is Rupert’s constant companion and, of course, Rupert falls in love but you will have to read the story to find the identity of Frazzle and to see if he gets his girl."

"...a master in the art of wordplay in a book that is easy to read, witty and full of surprises... you will love Frazzle."

About the Author

Pat O'Reilly

Writer and broadcaster Pat O’Reilly came from Bromsgrove – one of his better decisions, he claims. After training as an electronics engineer he worked hard but briefly as an electronics engineer, less hard and even more briefly as a college and university lecturer, and hardly hard at all for more than thirty years as a fly-fishing instructor. He has also had lots of fun running writers’ courses and as a management consultant specialising in innovation and creativity, while keeping his feet firmly grounded as an environmental advisor to governments…

In a writing career spanning fifty years, Pat has written one documentary film script, two dozen books and far too many newspaper and magazine articles – he has forgotten what most of them were about and readers have probably forgotten all of them. Pat's most recent non-fiction book, published by First Nature in 2011, is Fascinated by Fungi. His most serious novel, Harnessing the Unicorn, was published by Gower Press in 1998, and his most fun novel, published in 2014, is Frazzle.

Pat O’Reilly was awarded the MBE in 2003 for his environmental work. He lives in West Wales with his wife Sue and far too many books.

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