Dead Drift

a Winding River Mystery by Pat O'Reilly

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Dead Drift, a novel by Pat O'Reilly

All Proceeds to support River Restoration Work

All author royalties and and publisher's proceeds are being donated to support the work of the Wild Trout Trust: inspiring, advising and helping community groups across Britain and Ireland to protect wild trout and their habitats.

This fast-moving thriller by writer, broadcaster and life-long flyfisher Pat O'Reilly (a vice president of The Wild Trout Trust) has, inevitably, flyfishing woven into its intricate plot. Details...

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Dead Drift; paperback A5 format, 240 pages; ISBN 978-0-9934502-4-2.

In the immediate post-covid era the new field of bio-nanotechnology has sparked world-wide excitement, not only within the pharma giants but also among governments. The potential benefits of the new technology are enormous, but in the wrong hands so are the risks.

And now it is clear that the wrong hands are holding all the cards, as Project Gemini suffers setback after setback. One thing John Stephenson knows for certain: nobody gets that much bad luck without there being a root cause. But despite all his searching, that is still all he knows. Not why, not who, not even how. How are they getting information about Project Gemini?

Then the assassinations begin, and Stephenson learns something else, the hard way: he is now the prime target.


"Shades of Ian Flemming without the gimmicks, and towards the end a death-cum-suicide rate worthy of The Avengers... The final scene is just right and very Agatha Christie, which is not to be sneered at." CV, Portugal.

"Very fast paced. I read the whole book in three sittings, which is unheard of for me. I just wanted to turn the page and read the next bout of mis-direction." PJ, Wales UK.

About the Author

Pat O'ReillyPat O'Reilly has been fishing for 70 years, mainly for trout and sea trout on rivers and streams. He ran flyfishing courses in Wales and overseas for nearly thirty years. For 12 years he chaired the Environment Agency's Fisheries, Ecology and Recreation Advisory Committee in Wales, and until March 2013 he was a council member and Deputy Chairman of the Countryside Council for Wales (now Natural Resources Wales). Pat has also served on Government's Fisheries Legislation Review Group and is a frequent contributor to wildlife, game fishing and countryside magazines.

Pat's thirty other books include Matching the Hatch (continuously in print and updated since 1997), Tactical Flyfishing (1990); A Flyfisher's Guide to the Teifi Valley (2005), and many others. Dead Drift is his third novel.

Having actively contributed to river restoration work for more than 40 years, and a vice president of the Wild Trout Trust, in 2003 Pat was awarded an MBE for Services to Fisheries and Conservation.

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