Galeorhinus galeus - Tope

Phylum: Chordata - Class: Elasmobrachii - Order: Carcharhiniformes - Family: Triakidae


The tope is a member of the shark family and can grow to over 50 lb in weight. They are a popular sporting quarry around the coast of Wales, and they often come very close in during the summer months.

The Welsh rod-caught tope record stands at 74 lb 11 oz. This superb fish was caught off Caldy Island in 1964.

Tope caught off the Welsh coast

The storm beaches of Pembrokeshire provide the opportunity to catch tope from the shore; however, in most places you are likely to do better from an offshore mark. Charter boat skippers are very knowledgeable about suitable locations and times.

Tope eat mainly fish, and pout and whiting feature high up on their menu. Squid and crab are also effective fishing baits to use.

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