Mustelus asterias - Starry Smothhound

Phylum: Chordata - Class: Elasmobrachii - Order: Carcharhiniformes - Family: Triakidae

Star smoothhound

The Starry Mmoothhound, a member of the shark family, is brown with numerous pale spots along its flanks just above the lateral line. This distinguishes it from the common (but less frequently encountered!) smoothhound, which does not have the star-like spots.

These strong fighters can be caught from the shore or from boats fishing inshore; they are not usually found in very deep water (over 100m). Their main food source is crustaceans, but fish strips or squid are also effective baits.

The Welsh rod-caught record came from just off Nash sands in 1996 and weighed 26lb (nearly 12kg). A 28lb 2oz Starry Smoothhound, caught from a boat in 1998, holds the British rod-caught record for this species.

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