Convolvulus arvensis - Field Bindweed

Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Equisetopsida - Order: Solanales - Family: Convolvulaceae

Convolvulus arvensis, Field bindweed


This bindweed is common and widespread throughout Britain except in the far north.

Field bindweed has smaller flowers than Hedge Bindweed, and they are generally pink, but occasionally they are white.

This, and other bindweeds, are much-hated by gardners because once they become established in flowerbeds they are virtually impossible to eradicate as even a tiny piece of broken root will soon grow and the plants return with a vengeance.

Closeup of Convolvulus arvensis, Field bindweed

All of the bindweeds are anti-clockwise twining climbers.

Brighter pink form of Field bindweed

The plants shown on this page were photographed in West Wales and in northern France.

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