Corixa species - Lesser Waterboatman

Phylum: Arthropoda - Class: Insecta - Order: Hemiptera - Family: Corixidae

Corixa - lesser waterboatman

All through the year these bottom-dwelling water bugs can be seen periodically surfacing to replenish their air supplies. With no fixed breeding season, all sizes of corixa occur together. Still or slow-flowing water, or quiet backwaters on faster streams and rivers, are the preferred habitat of this smallish water bug, which rarely exceeds a centimetre in length. In deep lakes this insect is confined to the shallow, weedy or stony margins and is rarely found in water deeper than two metres.

Omnivorous, but mainly grazing on algae and leaf litter, the lesser waterboatman thrives in water with neutral to high alkalinity, and is rarely seen in acidic peaty streams and ponds.

An artificial corixa 'fly'

There are several species in the Corixa genus; all are commonly referred to as lesser waterboatmen. Imitations with elaborate woven bodies are very realistic, but a general representation fished skilfully usually works just as well.

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