Dead End

a Winding River Mystery by Pat O'Reilly

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Dead End, a novel by Pat O'Reilly

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All author royalties and and publisher's proceeds are being donated to support the work of the Wild Trout Trust: inspiring, advising and helping community groups across Britain and Ireland to protect wild trout and their habitats.

This fast-moving thriller, the final volume in the Winding River Mystery trilogy by writer, broadcaster and life-long flyfisher Pat O'Reilly (a vice president of The Wild Trout Trust) has, inevitably, flyfishing woven into its intricate plot. Details...

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All volumes of the Winding River Mysteries trilogy of thrillers are now also available in Kindle format on Amazon...

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Dead End; paperback A5 format, 232 pages; ISBN 978-0-9934502-4-2.

Janice Walters, governor of Broughton Mere top-security women’s prison, left her office promptly at 7am. The prison chauffeur drove her to Lower Broughton station, where she ambled leisurely to a waiting train. The chauffeur and the prison governor would never see one another again. Nor would they see anyone else.

Meanwhile, Sara Stephenson’s aunt, a sculptor who lived in a remote cottage in south-west Ireland, was not answering her phone. Brigit’s intricately bird statues, carved from bog oak, sold as fast as she could create them. Each was a unique work of art, the kind of ornament that many a true connoisseur would kill to own.

And now, for anyone with a suspicious mind, there was plenty of evidence to suggest that someone had done precisely that...

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Reviews of Dead Drift, the first book in the Winding River Mystery series

"Shades of Ian Flemming without the gimmicks, and towards the end a death-cum-suicide rate worthy of The Avengers... The final scene is just right and very Agatha Christie, which is not to be sneered at." CV, Portugal.

"Very fast paced. I read the whole book in three sittings, which is unheard of for me. I just wanted to turn the page and read the next bout of mis-direction." PJ, Wales UK.

About the Author

Pat O'ReillyWriter and broadcaster Pat O'Reilly came from Bromsgrove – one of his better decisions, he claims. He worked hard but briefly as an electronics engineer, less hard and even more briefly as a college and university lecturer, and hardly hard at all for more than thirty years as a fly-fishing instructor. He has also had lots of fun running writers' courses and as a management consultant specialising in mobilising imagination and creativity, while keeping his own feet firmly grounded as an environmental advisor to governments...

Pat has written more than thirty books and numerous newspaper and magazine articles. His most recent non-fiction book is a revised and enlarged second edition of the bestselling Fascinated by Fungi, published in 2016. Prior to Dead End his most recent novel was Dead Cert, the second of the Winding River Mysteries trilogy, which began with Dead Drift. All three volumes are now available in Kindle format on Amazon...

Pat's hobbies include fly fishing, hiking, wildlife photography, and of course writing facts and fiction – trying to separate the two – about these and other obsessions.

Awarded the MBE in 2003 for his environmental work, Pat O'Reilly lives in Wales with his wife Sue and far too many books. (They are also the authors of the 2300-page First Nature wildlife and ecology website.)

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