Amaryllidaceae Gallery - wildflowers of the Amaryllis family

The Amaryllis family of mainly perennial monocot plants. Amaryllidaceae is a large group of more than 1600 species worldwide (the vast majority occurring in tropical or subtropical regions); these are spread across some 70+ genera. In most instances the plants grow from bulbs, although some are rhizomatous, and the linear leaves are often narrowly pointed. Flowers in this family have six equal tepals (undifferentiated petals and sepals). Included in this family are flowers in the Amaryllis, Narcissus (daffodils) and Allium (onion) genera.

We have used the scientific names to identify species in this table, but if you prefer to use common names we have also listed all species covered on the First Nature website in alphabetical order of Common Names...

There is also the option to see all species listed in order of Scientific Names or Botanical Families or Dominant Colour.

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